Uppal Canary Residency sec-78 Gurgaon RISE Skybungalows Surajkund Faridabad
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RPS Rhythm faridabad 
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RPS Rhythm faridabad

RPS Rhythm faridabad

RPS Rhythm faridabad

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RPS Rhythm faridabad
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Price List

Basic Sale Price = Rs. 2250/- per Sq.Ft.

Special Discount = Rs. 150/- per Sq.Ft.

RPS Rhythm faridabad sec-88

Type Sizes (in per sq.ft.) Rates (per sq.ft.) Booking Amount
2+1 BHK 1395 2100 10%
3 BHK 1665 2100 10%

Additional Charges
(A) Fixed  
Club Membership Rs. 50,000/-
Car Parking - Covered
OR Back to Back*
Rs. 2,00,000/-
Rs. 3,00,000/-
Power Backup Rs. 25,000/- per KVA
Minimum 1KVA for 2+1BHK, 2 KVA for 3 BHK, Maximum 5 KVA
IFMS Rs. 50/- per sq.ft.
Terrace Area* As Applicable
EDC & IDC Rs. 170/- per sq.ft.
(B) Optional*  
Car Parking - Covered
Car Parking - Open
Rs. 2,00,000/-
Rs. 1,25,000/-
# Available in few units of first floor only.

* Subject to Availability.

Preferential Location Charges
Green/Club/Road facing Rs. 100/- per sq.ft.
Ground Floor 15% of BSP (with personal Lawn)
First Floor 5% of BSP
Second Floor 4% of BSP
Third Floor 3% of BSP

(A) Down Payment Plan 10% Discount on BSP
At the Time Booking 10%
Within 45 Days of Booking

85% of BSP + 100% EDC & IDC + 100% PLC + 50% Additional Charges-10% Discount on BSP*

At the time of offer for Possession 5% of BSP + 50% Additional Charges

Construction Linked Plan
Booking Amount 10%
Within 45 Days of Booking 15% of BSP
On start of Excavation 10% of BSP + 50% EDC & IDC
On completion of foundation 10% of BSP+ 50% EDC & IDC
On Completion of Ground Floor Slab casting 5% of BSP + 50% PLC
On Completion of Second Floor Slab casting 10% of BSP+ 50% PLC
On Completion of Fifth Floor Slab casting 10% of BSP
On Completion of Seventh Floor Slab casting 5% of BSP
On Completion of Last Floor Slab casting 5% of BSP
On Completion of Internal Plaster 10% of BSP
On Completion of External Plaster 5% of BSP+ 50% additional Charges
At the Time of Possession 5% of BSP+ 50% additional Charges

Down Payment discount of 10% can be reduced/withdrawn by the Company at any point of time without prior notice.

Note :

  1. Prices are firm and esclation free from the respective dates of booking.
  2. Prices indicated above are subject to revision at the discretion of the Company. Prices ruling on the date of booking shall be applicable.
  3. EDC & IDC shall be payable @ Rs. 170/- per sq.ft. In case of any upward revision thereof or any other charges levied by any Govt. agencies/authorities in future from the date of LOI, the same will be recovered on pro-data basis.
  4. Project will be completed within 36 months with penalty clause as per Buyers agreement.
  5. Registration Stamp Duty and other charges as applicable would be payable by the allotee before the execution of sale deed.
  6. Any additional facility, if provided will be charged extra.
  7. ECC & FCC will be charged on actual pro-rata basis at the time of possession in addition to the price/charges stated above.
  8. The above mentioned area are super built-up area which includes covered plus proportionate share of common area such as stair case, passage, community space, lift facilities etc.
  9. All building plans, layout, specification etc, are tentative and subject to variation and modification as decided by the company or competent authority.
  10. Other charges as indicated in the Buyer Agreement shall be payable additionally.
  11. The payment due at the time of booking on the basis of payment plan shall be paid within 45 Days of booking and the balance shall be paid as per payment plan.